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The Ag Spray Equipment store in Tempe, Arizona offers farmers and businesses a wide selection of sprayers, liquid fertilizer applicators, nurse tenders, storage trailers and many more liquid application equipment, parts and accessories.  We are a convenient destination designed to prepare growers for critical planting, growing and harvesting seasons.

We Carry a Wide Selection of Norwesco Tanks

We have a large selection of Norwesco sprayer tanks, storage tanks, fertilizer tanks, water tanks and hauling tanks available at our location.  Norwesco tanks are North America’s leading manufacturer of molded polyethylene tanks. These heavy duty tanks are rated to hold nearly 16 pounds per gallon and are the most reliable tanks on the market with a non-prorated warranty to back it.

High Flow Cast Iron Pumps

Designed for chemical or fertilizer plant applications our High Flow Cast Iron Pumps are made to withstand wear and tear from heavy use. Built to be paired with a gas or electric engine we carry hundreds of different pumps for almost any use.




View Our Large Selection of Banjo Valves

Ag Spray Equipment carries a complete line of Banjo fittings and valves that are specialized in the injection molding of glass reinforced polypropylene. Banjo has an excellent reputation for high quality in the fitting and valve industry. Banjo fittings and valves are chemical and corrosion resistant, rigid, lightweight and impact resistant. Banjo products are stress cracking resistant and have low moisture absorption.

All Banjo fittings and valves are manufactured to the highest quality standards with the most innovative designs available.

Your Solution to Temporary Liquid Storage: Double Cone Trailers

We carry a wide range of heavy duty liquid transport trailers that are built to your specifications to help you move product where you need, when you need it. Our Double Cone Trailers are built heavier and stronger than our competitors.  They feature best in class tanks from Norwesco and top tier components from Banjo to deliver years of dependable use. Our cone bottom trailers are the perfect solution for when high volume temporary storage is needed at the field or work site.


Now Offering Pro UTV Sprayers

The PROUTV Series from Ag Spray is an exciting addition to our UTV sprayer lineup.  The Professional Series is designed with many upgraded features to make operation more user friendly with years of trouble free use.  Built to handle any job whether it’s utility, municipality, rangeland or ag.


See Our Complete Line of Hypro Sprayer Pumps

Designed to be used in several different agricultural applications, Hypro Pumps have been trusted by farmers for decades. Built to apply a variety of fluids including water, insecticides, herbicides, emulsives, liquid fertilizers and more.



Nozzles and Tips

Spraying accuracy is key, and we know how important it is to your time in the field. Shop our store for every tip or boom component you could need.




View Our Convenient Dual Chasis Trailers

Getting product to the field is critical, and our semi tank trailers can be equipped to meet your spraying tender, planter tender and fertilizer tender needs.


We feature a comprehensive line of parts and accessories from top name brands such as Norwesco tanks, Hypro pumps, TeeJet tips, and Banjo valves.  Whether you farm 10,000 acres or a small plot, Ag Spray Equipment has the products and expertise to keep your equipment up and running.