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  • Item #: UR110-05
  • Mfg #: 40292-05
  • $18.48

Product Description

The WILGER UR110-05 COMBO-JET ULTRA COARSE-BROWN spray tip is a dual-chamber, pre-orifice reduction nozzle that emphasizes the coarsest stage of drift reduction. The combo-jet nozzle combines a flat fan pattern with a coarse droplet size. The UR series spray tip is heavily suited to ultra-low driftable fine spray, emphasizing drift reduction over coverage. The acid resistant nozzles are long lasting with a stainless steel tip which produces a flat fan spray pattern.

UR110-05 is approved for use with Dicamba products: Xtendimaxtm, Engeniatm & FeXapantm 

It's engineered for new dicamba herbicide formulations used in Dicamba-tolerant crop applications. Dicamba is a powerful herbicide that requires specific application techniques to minimize drift and ensure safety.

Overall, the Wilger 40292-05 is a specialized spray tip designed for precise application of herbicides, particularly Dicamba formulations, with reduced drift potential. Its compatibility with PWM systems makes it a suitable option for modern agricultural sprayers.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Compatible? Yes This tip is specifically designed to be used with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) spray systems. PWM is a technology that controls the flow rate of the spray by rapidly turning the sprayer on and off. The Wilger 40292-05 is optimized to work effectively with this type of system.

Product Specs

  • ColorBrown
  • DicambaEngenia
  • DicambaFeXapan
  • DicambaXTENDIMAX
  • MaterialStainless Steel Tip
  • Pressure30-70
  • Product TypeUR Ultra Low Drift Tip