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  • Item #: 5138556
  • Mfg #: 5880-3/4-2TOC40
  • $232.54

Product Description

Type 5580 BoomJet is used for spraying areas not easily accessed with a boom sprayer. It combines two off center tips and three VeeJet nozzles to produce an overall wide swath flat spray. The nozzle assembly provides good distribution considering the wide pattern coverage obtained; however, the uniformity is not as good as with a properly operated boom sprayer. Supplied with one additional ¼ NPT pipe plug and one blank tip for setting BoomJet to one side only. Also has a ¼ NPT pressure gauge port. Overall, the TeeJet 5880-3/4-2TOC40 is a good option for applying liquids to targeted areas where a boom sprayer can't reach. It provides a wide spray pattern for efficient coverage at a moderate operating pressure.

Uniformity can be optimized by double overlapping spray swaths on successive sprayer passes. Remember, this also doubles the application volume.

Product Specs

  • MaterialBrass
  • Product TypeBoomless Nozzle Assembly
  • Size3/4"