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  • Item #: FC-3D100-025
  • Mfg #: FC-3D100-025
  • $13.43

Product Description

The HYPRO 3D FC-3D100-025 FASTCAP SPRAY TIP NOZZLE in VIOLET is engineered to create consistent droplet sizes over a flat-fan nozzle's droplets which can cause inaccurate target spray. This nozzle outperforms flat-fan in pre-emergent weed control at multiple boom heights. Designed to deliver improved efficiency and reduce water volume without compromising weed control. When compared to flat-fan nozzles, the Hypro 3D nozzle provides 60-75% drift reduction for optimum droplet size for coverage, fewer droplets bounce off or drift away. Inclined spray is designed to be installed alternating forward and backward on boom to provide 3-dimensional coverage on vertical targets such as grass weeds, soil clods and broad leaved canopies.

The NEW Hypro 3D Nozzle is an inclined all-purpose nozzle for optimum spray coverage. PWM compatible. 

  • Designed in partnership with Syngenta using wind tunnel research and more than 10 years of agronomic field trials
  • Proven to deliver up to a 10% increase in pre-emerge weed control compared to a conventional flat fan 
  • 60-75% drift reduction compared to flat fan nozzles, achieving 2 Star LERAP rating at specific nozzle size/pressure combinations
  • PWM compatible; Install 3D nozzles facing the same direction when using with PWM systems at less than 30 Hz

Product Specs

  • ColorLilac
  • Droplet SizeMedium
  • GPM0.25
  • MaterialPolyacetal
  • Pressure10-90
  • Product TypeInclined Spray Pattern
  • Size025
  • Spray Angle100°

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