49845 PUMP, HYD DRIVE, 2"  x 1.5"

49845 PUMP, HYD DRIVE, 2" x 1.5"

  • Item #: FMC-200-HYD-210-SS
  • Mfg #: FMC-200-HYD-210-SS
  • $1,157.31

Product Description

The Ace FMC-200HYD-210-SS 2" SUCTION, 1 1/2" DISCHARGE HIGH CAPACITY CAST IRON HYDRAULIC DRIVEN CENTRIFUGAL SPRAYER PUMP with Stainless Steel fitted package including impeller nut, capscrews and pipe plugs is designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and application of variety of fluids including water, insecticides, herbicides, wettable powders, emulsives, liquid fertilizers and more.  Body is built of durable and chemical resistant cast iron to resist corrosion.  The Ace hydraulic centrifugal pump provides a smooth performance that can achieve a max of 200 GPM, hydraulic motor GPM of 10 and a max of 80 PSI.  Pump can be conveniently mounted on a tractor or sprayer, becoming part of the vehicle's hydraulic system and freeing the PTO for other uses.  Equipped with a stainless steel shaft and wear ring for excellent corrosion resistance.

Product Specs

  • GPH12000
  • Hyd Motor GPM10
  • Inlet2" FPT
  • MaterialCast iron
  • Outlet1 1/2" FPT
  • Pressure80
  • Product Typecapscrews and pipe plugs.
  • Product TypeStainless Steel Impeller nut