LA5000 35FT UNIT
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LA5000 35FT UNIT

  • Item #: LA5000 35FT UNIT
  • Mfg #: LA5000 35FT UNIT

Product Description

Ag Spray Equipment manufactures one of the best liquid applicators on the market. The LA5000 with 35 Foot heavy duty toolbar Unit features a 1050 Gallon Tank.  Available with additional toolbars ranging in size from 27' to 40'. Choose between a wheel drive piston pump or hydraulic drive centrifugal pump. The included auto gull wing feature comes standard on all Ag Spray applicators making turns at the end of fields easier. Standard tires of 320/85R38 on 8 bolt hubs to minimize compaction.  Adjustable constant wing down pressure for uniform coulter depth and fertilizer placement.  Apply pre-plant or side-dress fertilizer with confidence with a LA5000 Series Liquid Applicator.

1050 Gallon Tank
27’, 30’, 35’ Or 40’ Toolbar
Adjustable Constant Wing Down Pressure
Auto Gull Wing
100% Tank Drainability In Nearly Every Terrain
Front Mount Toolbar For Superior Trailing
Wide Parallel Linkage For Better Stability
Heavy Duty 7 X 7 Toolbar
35’ & 40’ Bars Fold To 27’ - 11 Coulters
Tool Bar Gauge Wheels Standard
320/85R38 Tires
8-Bolt Hubs Standard
Adjustable Axle Spacing On Single (62”-88”; 112”-152”)
Optional Wheel Drive Piston Or Hydraulic Drive Centrifugal Pump

LA5000 Sprayer

Product Specs

  • Series5000 SERIES