• Item #: TDXL11008-D
  • Mfg #: TDXL11008-D
  • $8.73

Product Description

The D versions of the TurboDrop nozzles were designed where a coarser spray is desirable. 

Between 30 and 90 psi, these nozzles deliver Ultra Coarse (UC), Extremely Coarse (XC) and Very Coarse (VC) droplets for maximum drift control. 

The air-energized droplets provide better coverage than solid liquid droplets of similar size by increasing the numbr of droplets in the spray, by accelerating the droplets in to the canopy, and by improving the spreading dynamics of the droplets on impact.

The D versions utilize larger pattern tips (without affecting the flow rate of the nozzle) to create bigger droplets.  Due to the modular design, it is easy and inexpensive to convert for the standard TurboDrop to the D version and vice versa. 

Product Specs

  • MaterialPolyacetal
  • Pressure30-120
  • Product TypeTDXL-D TurboDrop XL-D