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  • Item #: DPABS-4315V
  • Mfg #: DPABS-4315V
  • $1,540.16

Product Description

The Dura Auto-Batch System DPABS-4315V is an automated herbicide transfer system for easily and efficiently transferring fluids from one place to another. The operation is as simple as entering the amount you want dispensed and pressing Start.  Once activated, the pump will dispense the desired amount, then shut off automatically.  The DPABS-4315V is a 110 Volt AC system with Viton Type Seals and includes the Auto Batch Meter. 

The intuitive interface of the Auto-Batch System allows for the selection of manual or automatic operation with the flip of a switch. Our high-flow Dura-Pump™ delivers up to a 15GPM flow rate. The system is optimized for repeatable batching. The Dura-ABS returns to the last volume amount dispensed upon completion of the cycle.  The Dura-Meter™ has 100% moisture sealed circuitry so it fully eliminates fogging, water damage or any other damage from corrosive elements.

With an impact resistant Lexan faceplate and illuminated display, the Dura-Meter™ is the made of the most robust materials while maintaining maximum visibility in all conditions.  As always, Dura Products stands behind our products and in front of the competition with a 2 year warranty.

Product Specs

  • MaterialFKM - VITON TYPE
  • Voltage115V