BANJO 1 1/2" MALE DRY - MATE X 1 1/2" FPT

BANJO 1 1/2" MALE DRY - MATE X 1 1/2" FPT

  • Item #: DM150A
  • Mfg #: DM150A
  • $181.20

Product Description

The BANJO DM150A 1 1/2" MALE DRY - MATE X 1 1/2" FPT Disconnect is designed for safe and easy spill free connections.  The double ball design allows maximum flow while being easy to use.  The polypropylene construction makes for a light weight durable fitting.  Operating a Banjo Dry-Mate is simple.  The handles interlock making it easy to identify which handle opens or closes first.  The two Dry-Mate halves couple together with cam levers for positive engagement.  Fitting cannot be uncoupled in open position reducing exposure to chemicals.  Ideal for quick coupling hoses and plumbing systems.

Product Specs

  • MaterialPolypropylene
  • MaterialPolypropylene Body w/ FKM Seals
  • Product TypeBanjo Cam Lock
  • Product TypeDry Mate Valves
  • Product TypePoly Dry Mate
  • Size1 1/2"
  • Size1 1/2" FPT