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  • Item #: 5276967
  • Mfg #: TR500PHS

Product Description

  • 500 Gallon Elliptical Tank
  • Heavy Duty Low Profile Frame
  • Fenders & Side Steps Allow For Easy Access For Tank Fill Ups
  • 1/2” High Pressure Hose With Quick Disconnect Couplers
  • Reduces Washing Time Over 50% Compared To High Pressure Washers
  • Combination Of High Pressure & Water Volume Gives Maximum Cleaning
  • The PHS500 has an extendable arm with a TOC Double Swivel Nozzle to allow quick and efficient disinfecting at your poultry house. This unit will spray disinfectant/insecticides up to 50 feet from side to side.
  • The 5 nozzle adjustable boom has brackets for 3 possible positions that will allow you to spray the side wall, floor or ceiling. The 5 nozzle boom also has a “breakaway” feature when you accidentally get too close. It also features tilt swivel bodies to allow adjustments for each nozzle up to 180 degrees. Each nozzle has individual shut off valves to allow the operator to control each sprayer tips performance.
  • The Reelcraft automatic hose reel allows a one man operation to easily move up to 50 feet of high pressure hose and wind it back up with an easy turn. Also featured is a hydraulic swivel connection that keeps your hose from becoming entangled. The Hypro Tommy Gun is rated up to 1200 P.S.I. and allows you to get to the hard to reach places.

Product Specs

  • Drive TypePTO
  • Frame ColorBlue
  • Gallons500
  • GPM39.6
  • Max RPM550
  • Pressure725
  • Product TypePoultry House Sprayers
  • Tank ColorYellow