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  • Item #: 3000 TRPL CONE TRLR UNIT
  • Mfg #: 3000 TRPL CONE TRLR UNIT

Product Description

The Portable Triple Cone Bottom Liquid Storage Trailer is the solution for when high volume temporary storage is needed at the field or work site.  The Hydraulic Axle makes relocating the unit quick and easy.  While empty, the trailer can be pulled with a pickup truck from work site to site.  Once the frame is lowered to the ground, bring in a semi-truck load of product and offload into the 9000 gallon unit.  Keep the semi-truck on the road and take advantage of the volume load pricing as you "nurse" off the product as you need it.  Eliminates waiting for both the Delivery Truck and the Application Equipment.  


  • 3 - 3000 gallon cone bottom nurse trailer tanks feature complete drainage
  • Hydraulic hand pump located by axle for easy access
  • Axle lock pin located on top of the trailer frame
  • Hydraulic cylinder compressed in transport to eliminate scarring of the cylinder shaft
  • Adjustable clevis hitch
  • DOT approved safety chains
  • 3” schedule 80 pipe axle, 2 1/2” spindles
  • Axle removable from trailer
  • Single 2000 lb. 15” bulldog jack on the trailer tongue
  • 9000 gallon capacity
  • Powder coat paint

How it works

  • Pull to work site
  • Lower frame to the ground
  • Fill the tank
  • Draw off the tank as needed
  • Once empty, hydraulically raise the axle
  • Pull to new work site 

Product Specs

  • Gallons3000
  • Product TypeCone Bottom Trailers